Do clients need an IFA

This question is open to debate and can depend on personal circumstances, however the simple truth is we cannot always be expert at everything and sometimes we need to use the advice of specialists.

Our finances are extremely important and correct planning can be critical to provide that piece of mind when required.

Financial planning is not just something aimed at the affluent and super wealthy, often it is the average person on the street who requires the greatest advice and guidance. A sudden change in circumstances may have a major impact on a clients lifestyle, unless they have appropriately planned for it.

We at Woodside Financial Planning, can spend the time searching the markets and providers to source the most suitable products to meet your needs.

Being independent also means that we can impartially review the whole market to find products and providers most suitable for the requirement.

Not all of us can afford to meet every one of our financial commitments or requirements and once again an IFA can provide assistance. By sitting down and discussing your circumstances, it should be possible to prioritise your requirements and needs and start with the ones which are most important first.

Whether it is arranging life insurance, buying a new car or property, planning for a wedding or simply building up a nest egg, an Independent Financial Adviser should be able to help you. 

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